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Protect and Serve —— My Ass

Ever wonder what our fine “boys in blue” are thinking sometimes?

This morning on the way to work I was being tailgated (to use the term loosely, more like he was trying to see himself in my rearview!) by an annoying little Minicooper! I was also enjoying the side-by-side pacing of a Maryland State Trooper (MST)!! The MST Who couldn’t keep his eyes off of me (must be the tattoos). Anyways, I indicated to the MST that I had a tailgater and he just looked at me in return (again, must be the tatoos!)

So I did what any fine upstanding citizen would do….

I slowed down from the posted 55 and moved over to the right. The Minicooper did no less than I expected and blasted by me with all of the fury of a yuppy commuter late to suck his boss’s …..

So the MST leys this guy blast by him and then follows suit in a hurry! I think to myself, good job, watch this asshole get burned for this. But,  alas, what deception beseech my eyes, is this a fucking magical Minicooper? Can only I see it?

The MST makes a classical exit right stage, furiously testing the suspension in his unmarked Crown Vicky as he blazes around an EXIT ramp at like 65….

I probably sit in amazement because I am unaware that the Trooper has been summoned back to the Deathstar for Lord Vader’s next assignment!!! Lol!

Un-believable! Way to go officer!

Not to say that I don’t speed, but I have never blasted past a cop like I was the Chief of Fucking Police or something….

Protect and serve my ass…..

I will do the protecting from now on… you just serve yourself there Mr. MST!


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Dirty dirty doctors

I won’t ever be accused of liking doctors, but sometimes the inevitability of our immortallity forces us to be practiced on.

So, Friday night @ about 830 I started ti get a pain that at the time I thought was gas just above my groin…  good place for it, had it before! 2.5 hrs into the process of trying to get my constipation to free up with methods I won’t go into here, I decided that the pain warrented a trip to the local ER.

Arrive at the ER @ approximately 1130pm Friday. I hurl all over the ER driveway and proceed to be curled over in pain. That seemed to get me through the process pretty quick. They had me checked in and in a room within minutes (pretty fast for this hospital).

In the ER room however, the wait was on. After 30 minutea my pain had elevated to moaning and hollering which quickened up the attention. The nurse came in and asked what exactly what was going on and I explained that I thought I was dying, and thay my frienda was NO exaggeration. He confered with the ER doc and gave me morphine…..    ….didn’t work! That’s right, Morphine did not take the pain away! So they slammed me into the clouds on Dilaudid. Man let me tell you something, that is my new pain killer of choice in the ER!

So, turns out that this menace that has turned me into a whmpering little girl is a kidney stone.

That’s right! A 5mm kidney stone.

So I get admitted into the hospital at 4am on Saturdat morning for “observation.”

I find out on Saturday that they want me to stay in the hospital just until Monday to see if this damned thing would just pass. No dice!

So Sunday night the dictor tells me that he is setting up surgery for 4pm on monday and I have to be NPO (no food or water) from midnight until 4pm. Seriously? Damn.

The docotor comes in and tells me that the surgery is no big deal and everything will be ok. He says that a couple of hours after the surgery I should be going home. That the stent he is putting in will come out after a week and there is nothing to worry about.

Dirty dirty doctor….

I come out of surgery and I am told that I need to stay the night and my DICK IS oN FIRE! Damned doctor lied and omitted pertinent information.

That’s why I do not trust these son of a bitches!


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My Poor Children

I have to be honest, I feel for the future of my children. Not because of the way that we raise OUR kids, my wife and I, but because of the way others raise theirs.

The children of our future are being raised without morals, discipline or respect. Children are using fowl language, not even having an eye blink in response. When I was being raised I remember getting the hell beat out of me for saying crap, let alone shit.

Morality in this age has gone completely out of the window. Gays and lesbians marrying, which all in all I don’t care either way, but stop flaunting the behavior. The feminization of our men and boys today has gone far enough. Sensitivity has gone way too sensitive. What happened to the men are men of the early 20th Century? Lets also look at the trends of entitlement. How moral of a people are we that we should ride the backs of others for our own gain? Hand-outs and subsidies, programs for the poor (and lazy). Showing our future adults that it is not necessary to work hard and have self worth.

Everything once good is now bad and vice-versa:

Children are being suspended and expelled from school for making a gun out of their fingures. They are being tought that history isn’t history because our history offends people. Our history is what it is,  despite how people like the facts. There is no need to force feed our children such rediculous ideals, such as Black History Month, Hispanic History Month and now we have Black Music Month…  come on already. Enough is enough!

People allow their children to roam the streets and do as they please. Looking up to false idols like hip-hop stars, actors and the almighty athlete instead of looking up to Mom and/or Dad and more importantly to God. Oops, did I say that? Damn right I did!

This country was founded by Christians who were facing escape from persecution of the English Catholic Church. Christians who believed in God. God has the right to have a place in every aspect of our children’s lives. Now get your heads out of your asses, ALL religions (Hindu, Islam, Budhism, Catholicism and Christianity, etc…) believe in God. Athiests do not believe in God, and if you choose that path fine, don’t say God in the pledge of allegiance. Cripes!

Stop the insanity America. We are all Americans. Stop hyphenating the nationality. If you are black you are black, not African-American. I am not European-American. It has gotten so bad with PC that reporters will say such asinine things as “The African-Americans in France are rioting.”

My children’s futures look grim. This fine country is failing. Our roots aee strong, but our branches are rotten or rotting. The world sees the USA as weak and hipocritical, judging others for offenses we commit….

Please help me save our children.

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I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.

Thomas Jefferson (to James Madison 1787)

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Feeding Time

Place: McDonalds
Time: The Lunch Feeding

It amazes me how the bulk of our fine country is so blatantly ignorant of its own retarded behavior. I watched an obviously older (no offense meant towards older people unless, of course, you also are like the subject of this post) woman clamor about trying to order lunch at a McDonalds. This wonderful establishment has taken stupid coddling to a whole new level; they have pictures of everything they sell on the menu! Illiterate people can point to the picture and communicate their wants to the half-ass English speaking cashier behind the counter (whose buttons are also pictures.)

Yet I watched this particular woman have serious difficulty figuring out what exactly it was that McDonalds sells! Then to ice the cake, she said that she did not want a Large Ice Tea because she said “I can never drink that whole thing, at least I don’t think I can! Hahaha!”

Seriously? What is the problem here, you act as though you’ve never been to a McDonalds before, but you know you can’t drink a whole Large Iced Tea.. .      …or at least you think you can’t?

Ma’m…..   ….do you even know your F#@&ing name? What are you doing without your adult supervision anyway? Who let you drive here, and have money?

Damn-it people, get real!

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Daily Commute

A man stopped in moving traffic the other day.

"Why did he stop in moving traffic?" you ask…

He stopped in the right lane to let yielding cars into the lanes of thru traffic from the right… I proceeded to lay on the horn at this man who was holding up traffic so that a half dozen perfect strangers did not have to wait and yield. He proceeded to get into the left lane after we began to roll again. At the next traffic light I ended up next to this man and he began yelling at me….

"If you EVER honk at me like that again I will KILL you. I will F***ing KILL you man!"

That is the day in the life in this great country of insanity that we have somehow created for ourselves.

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